Dwayne Parton Videos His 96 Day Thru-Hike

Dwayne Parton

Dwayne Parton on top of Mt Katahdin.
Photo from dwayneparton.com.

Earlier this week Dwayne Parton arrived at the top of Mount Katahdin just 96 days after setting out from Georgia.

96 days isn't a record (the fastest time ever is 46 days) but completing the trail in under 100 days is still a great achievement.

The average thru-hike takes six months, so Dwayne was twice as fast as most hikers.

Dwayne needed to cover between 25 and 30 miles every day for 3 months.

In addition to his speed there's a couple of other notable things about his hike.

Dwayne with his dog Lucy

Dwayne with his dog Lucy.
Photo from dwayneparton.com

First, he did it all with his dog Lucy.

Second, he recorded videos on nearly every day of his hike.

If you're interested in what a thru-hike is like, it's well worth spending some time watching the videos on DwayneParton.com. You might not be able to complete the trail in 3 months, but you'll certainly get a feel for what it takes to finish the trail.

Here's the video from the first day of his hike:

And here's the video from the last day, with Dwayne on top of Katahdin:

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HoosierindaVille on Oct 31, 2015
Met him as I entered the 100 mile. Supplied me w/ a bug net! Awesome guy