Robert Sutherland

Robert J. Sutherland is a travel writer enjoying life in Gainesville, GA. Robert has two adult daughters, seven grandchildren and a zippy Kawasaki. ~~
  • Kathy

    He is neither crazy or odd, he’s sick. What do you call soldiers w PTSD, people w cancer or AIDS. Until people stop using such words mental health care will remain a low priority in the US

  • girlhobo

    I met him and talked to him for hours. He was interesting and engaging. Let him hike his hike, it’s what he needs to do.

    • deb

      I just wanna say I spoke with Paul’s Brother yesterday and he is back home and doing ok. I have no details but thought you would like to know! 🙂

      • Girl Hobo

        Gee that’s great to hear! Is there any way to contact him? I would love to hear how everything turned out. Thanks Deb.

  • karma713

    I actually work with Paul. Well, used to? He’s a carpenter. I had worked in the field with him countless times. Ever since he started having these episodes, he has been working in office and I still work closely with him (when he comes into work. It’s spotty. He was here for a couple weeks, then gone again for a couple months. Back two or three weeks ago, then gone the past week or two now). I believe he is suffering from PTSD. As far as I have heard, he had witnessed his father commit suicide. I don’t know if that’s the extent of it, or if there are more factors at play, but I’m sure that alone is enough to damage someone for life. I feel for the guy. I was just working with him a week or two ago. I don’t think he’s been in though since last week. If you’re the religious type keep him in your prayers, if not, at least keep him in your thoughts and wish the best for him.