Appalachian Trail Weather for Delaware Water Gap (6-26-14)

Published Aug 16, 2014

Appalachian Trail Community Logo

Appalachian Trail Community Logo

The weather for Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania's celebration on Saturday, June 28th will be fine.

That's when the Appalachian Trail Conservancy makes Delaware Water Gap (DWG) an official Appalachian Trail Community. DWG is known for how friendly they are toward hikers and for their commitment to the preservation of the Trail.

Thru-hikers might skip the hikes guided by the local folks. Everyone will enjoy the music, friendship and Honored Guest status given to stinky, hungry Trailers.

The Appalachian Trail Community honor is significant. Not every town welcomes Trail trekkers. We are thankful for all those that make the hike of a lifetime even more memorable.

Click Here for the Delaware Water Gap Appalachian Trail Community Ceremony

Click Here for the Weather for Delaware Water Gap

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