Forest Service: Prescribed Burn in Croatan National Forest

Published Jun 24, 2014

US Forest Service

US Forest Service

Stevin Wescott, with the U.S. Forest Service in North Carolina, says they plan to conduct a prescribed burn in Croatan National Forest today on about 567 acres of land.

The prescribed burn in Croatan N.F. will take place off of Mill Branch Road, which is approximately 5 miles northwest of the Croatan Ranger District office and approximately 4 miles south of New Bern.

The prescribed burn will reduce the amount of fuel on the forest floor, preventing catastrophic wildfire and reducing risks to nearby communities. The burn will also improve habitat for fire-adapted species, such as the red-cockaded woodpecker, and restore the longleaf pine ecosystem.

Public safety is the highest priority during a prescribed burn.

No roads or trails will be closed during the prescribed burn, but visitors to the Croatan National Forest should be aware of smoke and fire engines in the area. The Forest Service will employ a helicopter to help conduct and manage the burn.

The forest service appreciates having civilians call them when forest fires are spotted, but they have this one covered.

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