• ocarol500

    So, they’ll skip the part where Bryson shows blatant disrespect to the elderly Mrs Mull (of Mull’s Motel in Hiawassee, GA) by making fun of her infirmities? Or how he describes Georgia natives? And add a sexual component to get a PG-13 rating and titillate the children. Or did Mull’s Motel refuse to be part of the movie? Maybe they couldn’t locate a ‘good old boy’ offering transportation to Hiawassee from Dick’s Creek Gap to fit the uncouth description in the book. I find it amusing that the environment loving group thinks so highly of a man who littered the Appalachian Trail by tossing gear out of his backpack to ‘lighten his load’ and left the Trail strewn with his cast-offs for us Maintainers to pick up and carry out. Bill Bryson’s book was an exercise in Southern Phobia. Had I been home, I’d have protested the filming. He owes the Mulls and Southerners a written apology sent to every small town newspaper in North Georgia.

    • Hoosier62

      I read the book. Some of it was good, some of it was classic snobbery on Bryson’s part. What would you expect from someone like him though?

      • Babs Des Marteau

        Yeah, Katz throwing coffee filters to the wind disgusted me.

        • Hoosier62

          Not exactly a Leave No Trace attitude to be sure.