Maine Wardens Search for Gerry Largay

Geraldine "Inchworm" Largay's last known photograph ~~ Picture courtesy of Appalachian Long Distance Hikers Association

Geraldine "Inchworm" Largay's last known photograph ~~ Picture courtesy of Appalachian Long Distance Hikers Association

The most recent Maine Wardens search for Gerry Largay -- the lady missing on the Appalachian Trail -- took place on Tuesday, June 17, 2014, according to John MacDonald of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries

A search team comprised of Maine Game Wardens, Maine State Police, US Border Patrol, Franklin County Search and Rescue, and searchers from the Maine Association of Search and Rescue (MASAR) returned to Redington TWP to continue the search for Gerry Largay, the missing hiker from Brentwood, Tennessee.

Geraldine disappeared while hiking the Appalachian Trail in Maine in July of 2013. She was last seen early on the morning of Monday, July 22 at Poplar Lean-To after spending the night with other hikers. She was planning on hiking to Spaulding Lean-To approximately eight miles to the north.

Tuesday's search focused on areas that have not been searched and previously searched areas that included very difficult terrain requiring additional search efforts. Like previous search efforts, yesterday's efforts provided no clues that could be attributed to Geraldine or her location.

A $15,000 dollar reward has been offered to anyone who can provide information to investigators that will locate Geraldine Largay.

No date has been set for future searches.

Anyone who has any information that can lead to the location of Geraldine or if anyone has information of other hikers or persons in the area of Poplar Lean-To or the Oberton Stream area on the Appalachian Trail last year on July 22, 2013, please share the information with the Maine Warden Service by calling 207-624-7076.

Click Here for the Maine Wardens Search for Gerry Largay

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