Beards Banned on Appalachian Trail Due to Ticks

Published Apr 1, 2014

Tick Clinging to Gray Beard Hairs

Tick Clinging to Gray Beard Hairs

Sources say an outbreak of ticks along the Appalachian Trail is causing disease and inconvenience for hikers.

Ticks are known to carry maladies, including Lyme disease. Ticks often nest in hikers' thick beards, where ticks multiply daily into seething colonies of blood sucking bugs.

Authorities are taking no chances in some spots along the Appalachian Trail. There are reports of the banning of beards on hikers, in order to prevent the spread of ticks from person to person.

In spite of the willingness of many hikers to help, daily body checks for ticks can be invasive and a bit too personal for strangers meeting on the Trail.

Ticks conceal themselves in long hair, beards and "personal spaces" seeking to infect their prey. That's why banning beards makes sense to some people. After all, if you were a tick where would you hide?

Hikers who are clean-shaved will be a healthy example to others and will immediately stand out as having tick-free chins. This ban on beards was a compromise with more strident individuals and groups who wanted all body hair to be banished. They chanted the slogan "Hair-Free is Care-Free!!" when the news of beard ban was broken.

One hiker was quoted as saying, "Really? Far out man. That's radical, for sure. Will we be arrested when our beards grow back, dude?"

Authorities assure us that the move to temporarily banish beards will no longer be required when the Appalachian Trail is completely paved in the next few years, in order to allow citizens in golf carts the right to enjoy the Trail in their golden years.

We'll keep you posted on further developments.

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jamann1 on Apr 19, 2014
I get the whole idea behind banning beards, but good luck trying to enforce that. The first time someone is detained for having a beard, there will be a huge lawsuit. Freedom of speech and all.
OnTheLoose2010 on Apr 19, 2014
Jamann, Note that this post was written on April 1. Just sayin'.
Greg Petliski on Apr 19, 2014
As a long timer hiker and two-time trail worker, I say fuck that. You cannot take my beard away. I'll just go hike the PCT instead, and avoid millions of tourists anyhow.
Kat on Apr 22, 2014
The comments are funnier than the article :-) Shouldn't the part where they said they were paving the entire AT give anyone a clue?
wavethewheat on Apr 23, 2014
Article was written on April 1 - April Foolin' all y'all including me.
Glenn Burns on Sep 13, 2014
Will there br a speed limit on those golf carts? ????
Kevin on Apr 1, 2015
My biggest concern with using a golf cart would be the availability of power supplies while on the trail

We considered using a cart for our recent pct hike but decided not to due to a lack of charging stations

I have used solar rechargers but in virginia tree cover almost prohibits this