Weather Update: Appalachian Trail in GA (3-6-14)

Published Mar 6, 2014

Ice on GA's Springer Mountain, the Southern Terminus of the Appalachian Trail ~~ Photo Courtesy of

Ice on GA's Springer Mountain, the Southern Terminus of the Appalachian Trail ~~ Photo Courtesy of

When we updated the weather forecast for the portion of North Georgia that includes the Appalachian Trail on Wednesday, March 5th, we noted that there were no Special Weather Statements or other caveats pertaining to the potential for unusual weather.

Just the day before, our friends at the Hiker Hostel in Dahlonega ( captured the incredible photograph of ice at Springer Mountain.

We should not be surprised that Thursday arrived laden with weather alerts, including this:

Light snow accumulation possible for the northeast mountains tonight...

A cold upper level low will progress across Georgia this afternoon spreading widespread precipitation over the area. With strong easterly winds today...little warming is expected over north and central Georgia.

The precipitation will begin as rain but cooling temperatures should allow some mixing of light snow or freezing rain mainly this evening and overnight. At this time...mostly light snow is expected for the higher elevations overnight.

Given the uncertainty with this system...confidence is low as to exactly how much snow accumulation the northeast mountains will see.

Our best projections right now indicate that temperatures will be warm enough initially to limit the accumulations...and the mixed nature of the precipitation will allow for around an inch accumulation of snow.

It should be noted that the banded type of precipitation seen with upper lows will allow for a wide range of potential snowfall totals over a short distance with the potential for isolated areas to receive higher amounts than the average one inch. Also...portions of eastern Georgia outside of the mountains could also see a mixture of precipitation tonight."

As we said before: "Don't worry about the weather. It will change before you know it. So will you."

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