Kickstarter Appalachian Trail Film: The Long Start to the Journey

Published Jan 8, 2014

long start logoWhen I spoke with Chris "Frost" Gallaway about his Appalachian Trail film, I was impressed with his respect for previous AT films and his passion for the kickstarter campaign to raise funds to complete his own project.

Frost thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2013 and filmed his journey, posting videos and articles at Now, he is taking that footage and combining it with interviews and archival material that tells the history and heritage of the Trail.

Here's how Frost describes his movie:

This is a personal story of struggle and perseverance and of how the natural world can teach us and enrich our lives. The film captures the importance of the trail by looking back to its history and also at its current influence on culture in America. "The Long Start to the Journey" is a film for those who love the outdoors and who find insight, meaning, and enjoyment in the time they spend in wild places.

Chris is reaching out to the AT community to help raise money to make the film as professional as possible to stoke other people's passion to hike the Trail themselves. He has until the end of January, 2014, to raise $33,500 to obtain the funds pledged through kickstarter. If he doesn't hit the goal, he -- if I understand correctly -- doesn't get any of what was offered. It's all or nothing.

Hitting the funding goal will cover expenses such as:

  • Music licensing: One of the largest pieces of the film's budget.
  • Animation: Professional animators will create graphic sequences, such as the progress of the trail through states and over mountain ranges.
  • Artwork & Design: Skilled graphic designers and artists will create artwork that will become the face of the film on DVD packaging and on posters.
  • Color Correction & Sound Mastering: Once the final edit of the film is complete, a professional studio will color-correct the picture and master the soundtrack.
  • DVD replication and production

Frost thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail, proving he can accomplish anything. We wish him well with this particular goal and those he will assuredly attain in the future.

Click Here for Kickstarter AT Film: The Long Start to the Journey

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