Begin 2014 with a First Day Hike

First Day Hikes

First Day Hikes

If more people planned to get up early on New Year's Day to go for a hike the world would be a better place. There would be more healthy people alive to celebrate New Year's Day in 2015 too.

New Year's Eve might not be as much fun, but think of the hiking gear you could buy with what you waste to celebrate the fact that we're getting older and fatter.

Take a hike!

American Hiking has joined forces with America's State Parks to support First Day Hikes in state parks all across America on New Year's Day 2014. Free guided hikes will be offered for the third year in all 50 states.

With more than 6,000 state parks to choose from, there are unparalleled opportunities for everyone to explore unique natural and cultural treasures close to home. From Florida to Alaska, hikers will start off the year with a walk in the woods, experiencing trails through forests, along beaches and perhaps even climbing mountain tops.

American Hiking is eager to bring more attention and visitors to America's state parks, where visitors can expect to be immersed in the quiet beauty of nature in winter, experience breathtaking vistas, and make hiking along a state park's trail part of an individual or family's regular exercise plan.

State Park staff and American Hiking volunteers will lead the hikes, which will be half-day hikes or longer, depending on the state park.

American Hiking and America's State Parks are committed to promoting hiking and other outdoor recreation in state parks and to help everyone connect with nature and establish a lifetime of fitness through hiking.

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First Day Hikes offer a great way to get outside, exercise, enjoy nature and welcome the New Year with friends and family at parks in all 50 states.