Georgia Appalachian Trail Club Gets $10K Grant

Published Dec 9, 2013

Georgia Appalachian Trail Club Received $10K Grant from GA Natural Gas

Georgia Appalachian Trail Club Received $10K Grant from GA Natural Gas

Georgia Appalachian Trail Club (GATC) Community Outreach Director Tom Ottinger was thrilled to learn GATC was awarded the TrueBlue Community Award from Georgia Natural Gas and a $10,000 grant to help young people connect with the outdoors.

GATC was one of thirteen nonprofit organizations eligible for the distinction of Natural Leader Awards, Blue Flame Awards and the highest honor: the TrueBlue Community Award.

GATC was chosen by a panel of judges comprised of corporate and community leaders -- including the former president of Atlanta Gas Light, a representative from the Atlanta mayor's office, and the head of Community Relations for WXIA-TV -- for the outstanding impact of GATC's Outreach Program.

GATC Outreach takes almost 1500 young folks out on annual day hikes, backpacking trips, and overnights at the Len Foote Hike Inn.

Georgia Appalachian Trail Club

Georgia Appalachian Trail Club

Separated from their cell phones, video games and other electronic distractions, kids learn about the natural world and conservation. They experience nature and become comfortable in it. The goal is to teach them to appreciate the value of preserving the outdoors for future generations.

Tom Ottinger would be happy to help you get connected with the Outreach Program at GATC. You may send Tom an e-mail here:

We are thankful for GA Natural Gas and their commitment to assisting nonprofits that help their communities.

We are proud of GATC for being worthy of such honor and distinction.

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