Appalachian Trail Girl on Women Solo Hiking

Appalachian Trail Girl: Megan "Hashbrown" Maxwell

Appalachian Trail Girl: Megan "Hashbrown" Maxwell

In one way, Appalachian Trail Girl is bad for me. OK, I might as well be honest. Appalachian Trail Girl is bad for me in several ways.

I am paid to post unique content on As I surf for stuff to adapt or to use as story fodder, I simply do not have time to read Appalachian Trail Girl's entire blog every time she decides to post one.

Does that matter to her? Pffft. Not a whit. Month after month, she tricks me into blithely poring over every dang word she writes.

Then, instead of rewriting an idea here or there, I become a slacker and simply add a link to her work. That's not what I'm paid for ... I am paid to write as well as Appalachian Trail Girl.

Someday, I'll be able to do that. Or not.

Nothing you are doing right now is as interesting as Appalachian Trail Girl's post of December 8th 2013, which is all about Hiking Solo as a Woman -- something you might be as unlikely to do as I am.

Great writers can capture your interest even when you are not initially interested in their topics. Appalachian Trail Girl -- Megan "Hashbrown" Maxwell -- is a great writer, in my humble opinion.

Here's a link to Appalachian Trail Girl's Hiking Solo as a Woman post.

That's all for now. I've got to get back to work.

Have a nice day. Bfn.

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Iris on Oct 6, 2015
And what do we do if the link doesn't work annymore? Maybe this is youre chance to show you are a better writer!
Robert Sutherland on Oct 15, 2015
Here's a link to the updated story:

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