Appalachian Mountain Club: Cool Winter Hiking Gear on Sale

Published Dec 2, 2013

Hillsong Trail Crampons -- On Sale for a Limited Time at

Hillsong Trail Crampons -- On Sale for a Limited Time at

Even if you're among the few who will not be rock climbing on icy cliffs this winter (loser), you owe it to a loved one -- or a random stranger -- to purchase a pair of Hillsound Tail Crampons that are ON SALE (temporarily) through the Appalachian Mountain Club's online store (if you buy $75 worth of cool stuff that you TOTALLY deserve).

These suckers are like studded snow tires for your boring boots. With enough leg power, you could probably walk up any wall anywhere! Talk about impressing hotties!

Please Note: Hillsound Trail Crampons are not approved for walking up the sides of walls. Use caution while attempting to walk on ceilings without safety nets. Thank you.

In Georgia, where wise freelance writers dwell, public schools are immediately closed when any variation of the words "snow," "ice," or "sleet" are in weather forecasts. Imagine how much easier it would be to fight over the last remaining loaves of bread, gallons of milk and cartons of eggs when your foes at the food riots see that you're wearing Hillsound Trail Crampons!

Yes, they'll step aside and offer you their jars of peanut butter and Jimmie Dean whatevers!

With your very own pair of Hillsound Trail Crampons, you could RULE YOUR WINTER WORLD!

Can you *BELIEVE* they're ON SALE!!!

What the heck are you waiting for? Get yours NOW!

Click Here for Your Own Dang Pair of Hillsound Trail Crampons from AMC Online!

Not tough enough for crampons? Pfft.

Yes, AMC also has other stuff on sale too: drinking glasses, calendars and comfy stuff to either wear or look outside when it's cold. But you should get crampons anyway. They'd make terrific coasters or door stops.

Response from Hillsound Trail Crampons:

Hi Robert,

Thanks for writing your piece on the Trail Crampons -- it was very entertaining! I especially liked the bit about fighting off people at food riots with the crampons -- now that would be a sight!
We appreciate you taking the time to promote our product. I'm guessing you've tried the Trail Crampons yourself? I've heard the crampons can come in handy on the AT.
Kind regards,
Jess Greinke
Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Hillsound Equipment Inc.
68 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC V5Y1P2

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