Volunteers Wanted for Appalachian Trail Festival in Duncannon, Pennslyvania

Published Aug 16, 2014

Duncannon, PA, is an Appalachian Trail Community

Duncannon, PA, is an Appalachian Trail Community

On Saturday June 21, 2014, our friends in Duncannon, PA, will hold another Duncannon Appalachian Trail Festival -- a.k.a. The Duncannon Blast.

They're already recruiting volunteers and vendors for this happy occasion. If you have a product or service you'd like lovers of the Appalachian Trail to know about, click on the Vendor Registration to learn more and to select your spot at the festival. Prime locations are still available -- but not for long.

Click Here for Vendor Registration

Duncannon A.T. Festival organizers are looking for a volunteer Vendor Coordinator for the 2014 festival. This position is perfect for a detail-oriented person with people skills who can keep everything organized. (Yes, such people exist.)

The right person will gain valuable experience and enjoy a sense of accomplishment playing a huge part in the festival that promotes the Duncannon Appalachian Trail Community.

Duties include:

  • collecting/organizing vendor registrations
  • helping DATC with vendor placement to avoid potential conflicts
  • calling vendors as needed
  • being at the event one hour prior to help with the set up and
  • checking on vendors during the event.

Interested? Please e-mail Sean at datc@duncannonatc.org

Anyone who would like to be involved with the DATC, offer guidance or influence its policies is welcome to attend our meetings. You might find a volunteer opportunity that suits you in any number of fields such as: planning our next 2014 DATC Festival, fundraising, supporting the Duncannon Outdoors Club, learning about Appalachian Trail maintenance and inspiring people to enjoy outdoor activities in the Duncannon area.

The Duncannon Appalachian Trail Community Advisory Committee will hold its next meeting Tuesday, November 19, 2013 at 6:30 PM in the Duncannon Christ Lutheran Church located at 115 Church Street. RSVP is not required but it's greatly appreciated.

Our agenda will focus on next year's 2014 Duncannon A.T. Community Festival and we'll discuss the popular Duncannon Map Brochure project, fundraising, festival sponsorship, the progress we've made in the past month and further increasing meeting attendance.

Click Here for the Duncannon A.T. Community Website

Click Here for 2014 Duncannon Appalachian Trail Festival

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