Daylight Saving Time Ends Sunday Nov. 3, 2013

Published Nov 6, 2013

Turn your clocks back this weekend for Standard Time.

Turn your clocks back this weekend for Standard Time.

Don't ask why ... but this is the weekend we turn our clocks back an hour to go from Daylight Saving Time to Standard Time.

Sure it's stupid, but we have to go along with the government's joke or they'll get really ticked and pass a law that we all have to wear tassel loafers or pink jumpers and have to get health insurance from them.

It's easier to set our clocks back one hour at 2 AM, Sunday morning, November 3, 2013, when Daylight Saving Time ends and we revert to Standard Time.

Don't think you can choose your own dang time, either. You can't.

When the Clock Police knock on your door at 3 AM to check to see if you've complied, you'll see. You cannot confuse them with stuff like, "Did you know that a broken clock is right twice a day?" or "My house runs on Bob Standard Time and no [Choose One: "right wing" or "left wing"] politician is gonna change that!" They're already confused enough.

Good News: You get to live the hour between 1 AM and 2 AM twice! Or you get to sleep another hour. Your choice.

Hawaii and Arizona never use Daylight Saving Time and Indiana only began observing it statewide in 2006. Indiana, however, still manages to screw things up by having different sections of the state on Central Time and other parts on Eastern Time.

Please Note: There is no truth to the rumor that northern states are trying to remove the month of February from the calendar in order to shorten winter.

If you do not turn your clocks back one hour, you will either:

  1. Be an hour early wherever you go on Sunday.
  2. Be an hour late wherever you go on Sunday.
  3. Spring ahead or fall back.

Have fun.

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