Robert Sutherland

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  • Amanda Yale

    Was hoping i would find some great news about Gerry online today. I am especially saddened for this family all over again, knowing the Christmas season came and went without the gift of closure for Gerry’s family. I pray that this family receives the answers they have so desperately longed for, and soon. I pray for her husband, i cannot even imagine what his heart holds. May peace and comfort find the family of this beautiful woman, soon.

    • Sarah Kafel

      I was hoping as well. I watched North Woods Law today, as they shared the story, and all efforts to find her. I had hoped to get online and find that there would be more info, stating she, or her body, had been found. Some sort of peace for the family. My heart dropped watching the show today, as it neared the end, and I realized they were not going to find her. It just dropped. And I’ve not been able to get Gerry out of my head since then. I feel for her, and her family. This family needs closure. 🙁

      • Robert Sutherland


        Thank you for your compassion for Gerry and her family.

        Earlier today, I had an extended off-the-record chat with an official working on this case. I can tell you that this case remains open and they follow every lead.

        Authorities I have spoken with over the past five months are personally committed to solving this mystery. Their dedication is stunning.

        As verifiable news regarding Gerry’s disappearance becomes available, we’ll keep you posted.


        Robert Sutherland