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Wood's Hole Hostel, Pearisburg, Virginia

Wood's Hole Hostel is a glorious spot for a zero day along the Appalachian Trail or a romantic getaway. It's about 25 miles west of Blacksburg, VA (where my friend, Howard, used to live) and a half-mile from the Trail.

This rustic retreat must raise about $13,000 in order to comply with the health inspector's order to install a new septic tank.

Please Note: If you send them ten bucks now, you won't have to endure reading this entire story. Trust me, it's worth it.

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Having watched 1.37 bazillion TV game shows, I don't remember anyone ever winning a new septic system as a Grand Prize, even on Cash Cab, my favorite, or Queen for a Day, the worst show ever.

That's not an option for the folks who share the goodness of Wood's Hole Hostel with hikers and regular people, so they're asking for donations.

AT hikers can avail themselves of a few dandy services at Wood's Hole Hostel:

  • communal meals
  • mail drop
  • hot showers
  • Internet
  • laundry
  • and "if you're too snooty for this, you're too snooty" lodging.

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In addition to the hostel, fancy folks can get fancy massages, saunas and sit for a spell in the splendiferous setting sipping herbal tea while pondering how to inspire their kids to leave their rooms and hit the Trail.

The only thing the happy hostel needs is a septic system.

Is that too much to ask?

This information might be outdated, but it appears they've received about $3,000 toward their goal of $17,000. (My poor math skills tell me that works out to about nine people getting off a train in Albany and 17 peaches shared among 11 individuals.)

They need money for stuff that isn't in anybody's budget:

  • $1200: a soil scientist
  • contractor cost: around $3800
  • septic materials: $9000
  • reseeding, re-graveling and rebuilding materials: $3000-$4000.

It's Not All Bad News

A new shower facility will be part of the upgrade because the soil scientist recommended including one during the construction. That means:

  • a new shower stall
  • a flush toilet
  • changing area
  • large shower stall and
  • a sink.

If that doesn't thrill you, you're not a thru-hiker.

Full Disclosure

  • No, I've never been to Wood's Hole Hostel.
  • No, they didn't ask for help from
  • No, we're not getting any kind of kickback.
  • Yes, this is a nice thing to do.
  • No, we won't do it for you too.

Donation Information

Mailing Address

  • Wood's Hole Hostel, 3696 Sugar Run Road, Pearisburg, VA, 24134



  • Call: 540-921-3444
  • They'll take your donation over the phone.

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