Trail Mix for the Appalachian Trail

Published Aug 12, 2013

gorpTrail mix -- also known as "gorp" -- is like the people who hike the Appalachian Trail.

Both have delicious blends of ingredients that are unusual, fascinating and mostly healthy. No two batches are alike.

The best trail mix has something for everyone.

That's our goal with the section of that we're calling Trail Mix.

No matter what your hiking-skill level might be, how many times you've hiked the Trail or how many times you've hoped you would someday, if you love the Appalachian Trail, you'll love our Trail Mix.

We have dozens of links to assorted stories about the who, what, when, where and why of the Appalachian Trail. Some might never interest you, but we'll always have links you will love.

Nibble on one of these tasty samples:

  • Boardwalk Over the Great Swamp
  • Cheshire (Massachusetts) Grins
  • Concealed Weapons on the AT
  • A Guide to Healing by Aspen Matis
  • Hiking the AT With Your Dog
  • The Home of Trail Magic
  • How to Deal With Your Period on the AT
  • Missing a Loved One Hiking on the Trail
  • Nectar & The 100-Mile-Wilderness
  • Preventing Tick Bites
  • Ron Brown -- Trail Angel
  • Seven Rules for Camping Near Bears
  • Shelter Registers -- Diaries of the AT
  • Tips for Safe Hiking
  • Trail Maintenance Clubs

They're all available at Trail Mix ... and they're free!

Try a few and share them with strangers and friends. Toss out what you don't like and savor your favorites.

You'll never know what you're missing, if you don't munch on our food for thought about the AT.

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About the Author Robert Sutherland:
Robert Sutherland is a travel writer enjoying life. Robert has two adult daughters and six grandchildren.
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