New Guide for 22 Trails in North Georgia

Published Aug 7, 2013

dahlonega trailsA new hiking handbook has been released with information on almost two dozen hiking trails in North Georgia, not far from Springer Mountain, beginning in the very cool little burg of Dahlonega.

Volunteers with the Yahoola Trails Conservancy (YTC) have helped the Dahlonega-Lumpkin County Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center launch a complete and accurate new guide to "HIKING TRAILS IN THE DAHLONEGA AREA: 22 Trails in the North Georgia Mountains within 32 miles of Dahlonega."

The new "Hiking Trails..." guide has directions to start each trail from the downtown Dahlonega-Lumpkin Visitors Center.

The user-friendly guide includes each trail's name, length, whether it is a loop or one-way, the managing agency of the trail and a fun note that "descriptions shown are for the more common hiking direction used, but there is no reason not to hike in the opposite direction."

The trails include:

  • Lake Zwerner Trail (Dahlonega Reservoir) Loop
  • Yahoola Creek Park Trail System
  • Jake & Bull Mountain Trail System
  • Helton Creek Falls
  • Sosebee Cove Scenic Area and
  • various trails at the Cooper Creek Recreation Area.

The information includes a 32-mile radius of hiking opportunities from portions of the official Appalachian Trail and other US Forest Service areas, and scenic selections from both Lumpkin County and Georgia State Park areas.

"One of our goals was to provide the outdoor adventure seeker interest market with readily available, up-to-date, and accurate recreation information for hiking the Dahlonega area," said Jay Markwalter with the Chamber Tourism office. "A guide to Hiking Trails is one of the top 10 walk-in visitor inquiries at our downtown Dahlonega regional Visitors Center.

We needed an updated resource guide and map for hiking enthusiasts. Thanks to the YTC volunteers Tom Lamb, Murray Lamb, and Robert Fuller, we now have a nine-page hiking guide to enjoy our beautiful mountain terrain for a day, long weekend, vacation, or repeat visitor challenge to return and complete the full 22-trail list."

This initial Hiking Trails guide also lists contact information for the local, state, and US Forest Service district offices as well as nearby medical facilities. The YTC says this is the first stage of a project to compile canoeing, kayaking, mountain biking and horseback riding trail guides for visitors and locals.

The "Hiking Trails" guide is available at the Dahlonega Visitors Center.

The Fine Print

The Click Here to Download a copy of the Hiking Guide

Click Here for the Dahlonega-Lumpkin County Visitors Center

Click Here for the Yahoola Trails Conservancy

Click Here for the Dahlonega Trail Fest

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