Time for ATC's Biennial Conference: Cullowhee 2013

cullowehee 2013Sorry for the confusing headline, but I thought it was better than:

"The Appalachian Trail Conference's Biennial (which means every two years, not twice a year) National Conference: Cullowhee 2013 (named for Cullowhee, North Carolina, the home of Western Carolina University, where the Biennial Conference is being held this year) Begins on Friday, July 19, 2013 and Flows Elegantly Through Friday, July 26th."

Cullowhee? Wowie! Where is it?

That's what you'll be saying if you are one of the fortunate and/or inspired folks who will make their way to one of the most beautiful places in America:

  • Not far from the Pisgah (translation: "near the Nantalaha") National Forest
  • Near the Nantahala (translation: "near Pisgah") National Forest
  • To the east of Sassafras Recreation Site
  • South of Santa's Land
  • Southeast of Clingman's Dome
  • In the Smoky Mountains
  • Close to the Appalachian Trail
  • Just off the Blue Ridge Parkway
  • By roads that will make you want to buy a motorcycle
  • Too dang close to casinos that suck the money from the pockets of fools
  • Pretty near the Bartram Trail and
  • On the campus of Western Carolina University.

Why You Should Attend

Excursions, cute guys in backpacks, workshops, gear to buy or try, cute hotties in hiking boots, smart instructors, food, music, single people, the Appalachian Trail, other fun couples, whitewater rafting, zip lining, mountain biking, horseback riding, art galleries, food and more music.

Seminars on trail maintenance, backpacking, packing your backpack, and so much more that I'd get blisters typing the entire list.

If you've ever looked at a hill and said, "Wow, that's pretty," Cullowee 2013 is for you.

You can park your RV or yourself at Western Carolina University. They'll sell you meals, let you piddle and/or shower INSIDE WITH TOILET PAPER AND/OR REAL TOWELS!

You can SLEEP INSIDE WHERE IT'S AIR CONDITIONED and learn to prepare for hiking the Appalachian Trail -- where you piddle outside, don't shower, make your own meals from stuff you carry with you and sleep outside in the weather du jour ... with bugs, bats and critters with glow-in-the-dark eyes.

Wanna Know More?

If you love the Appalachian Trail -- or if other trails have hurt you but you're willing to open your heart to new trails just one last time -- scoot on down to Cullowhee 2013.

Click Here for a Cool Sorta Music Video about Cullowhee 2013

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Published Sep 18, 2013.