Chimney Rock State Park in NC


Chimney Rock State Park in North Carolina. Photo courtesy of

We all have our favorite parks. The favorite park for many hikers, families and adventurers is the iconic Chimney Rock State Park (CRSP), not terribly far from Asheville, North Carolina.

Chimney Rock recently won the platinum award for Favorite State Park in Blue Ridge Country's 2013 Best of the Mountains poll.

Several other awards were given to CRSP, including:

  • Best Hike to Take the Dog Along
  • Best Birding Area
  • Best Beautiful Fall Foliage Spot
  • Best Hiking Trail (non-AT)
  • Best Scenic Photo Opportunity and
  • Best Waterfall.

So, how does your favorite park compare?

Dr. Lucius B. Morse bought 64 acres at Chimney Rock Mountain, in 1902. For four generations, his family operated "Chimney Rock Park" until North Carolina purchased the park in 2007.

CRSP is a fabulous place to visit, even though it is not on the Appalachian Trail.

The long Fourth of July holiday weekend is a perfect time to visit Chimney Rock -- also known to many as "Chimbly Rock."

Come for the scenery, the best in preppie beer, Hickory Nut Gap's 100% grass-fed beef burgers, tremendous hiking, mountain music and fantastic storytelling.

While you're there, see if you can spot where the movie The Last of the Mohicans was filmed.

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