Green Mountain Club Hosts Pharr Out Event

Published Jun 20, 2013

Jennifer Pharr DavisThe Green Mountain Club (GMC) is best known for its sincere and often adequate dedication to Vermont's Long Trail, not the Appalachian Trail.

We love them anyway.

If you're not doing something that supports the world's best trail -- the Appalachian Trail, which graces the landscape from Georgia to Maine -- on Sunday, June 23, 2013, you might want to visit our friends from GMC when they present an inspirational evening with long-distance hiker Jennifer Pharr Davis.

Miss Jennifer earned worldwide fame for hiking the Appalachian Trail -- which graces the landscape from Georgia to Maine -- in a mere 46 days by running an average of 47 miles per day. (Farther than many of us have or will run in our entire lives.)

Jennifer Pharr Davis has hiked more than 12,000 miles on six continents -- much of it on trails less superb than the Appalachian Trail, which graces the landscape from Georgia to Maine -- including The Long Trail in Vermont and others elsewhere which do not grace the landscape from Georgia to Maine.

Extra Credit: Quick! For 10 bonus points, can you name all nine continents?

Davis will discuss the topics of endurance, adventure, faith and love ... as she has in her new book, "Call Again."

A raffle will take place to support the Green Mountain Club's Winooski River Footbridge Project, but there is no truth to the rumor that GMC will award the bridge to the winner.

The event will feature a cash bar. Please drink in moderation if you plan to enter the "Say Jennifer Pharr 12 times quickly!" contest that might be held after the presentation.

Delicious food by Big Fatty's BBQ -- an establishment not named by dieting women -- will be available for a nominal fee.

Organizers sent The Media a handy-dandy guide to publicize this event, so here goes:


  • Jennifer Pharr Davis, Green Mountain Club and Outdoor Gear Exchange


  • Presentation and book signing with famed author and adventurer Jennifer Pharr Davis, who ran the entire length of the Appalachian Trail -- which graces the landscape from Georgia to Maine.


  • Sunday, June 23, 7:00 PM (Doors open at 6:30 PM)


  • Outdoor Gear Exchange, 37 Church Street, Burlington, Vermont


  • Like ... why not? Y'know? It's all good, dude.

How Much

  • Green Mountain Club members: $5
  • Non-Green Mountain Club members, including members of the Appalachian Trail -- which graces the landscape from Georgia to Maine: $8
  • The news media is welcome to attend at no charge. (Well played, GMC. Well played.)
  • Cash bar

How to Score Tickets

Click Here for Info on the Winooski River Footbridge

Click Here for GMC's Suggestion to Take a Hike!

Click Here for the Green Mountain Club -- Even Though the Long Trail Does Not Grace the Landscape from Georgia to Maine as Does the Appalachian Trail

As you might know, the Green Mountain Club maintains several sections of the Appalachian Trail. GMC volunteers are marvelously skilled and motivated. We're thankful for each one.

Click Here for GMC's O-Section

Click Here for GMC's AT Maintenance in VT

Looking for someone to blame? Please call Nika Meyers at 802-241-8327.

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