Damascus Trail Days: The Woodstock of A.T. Festivals

Photo by Robert Sutherland

Trail Town USA: Damascus, VA ~~ Photo by Robert Sutherland

Imagine if your family of nine people invited some folks over for a good time.

And 2,000 people showed up.

That's the same ratio of townies to festivalees expected May 15-19, 2013 in Damascus, VA, for Trail Days.

Just like Woodstock. Only totally different.

(If you don't get the "Woodstock" reference, ask your grandmother. It might explain why your father's middle name is "Yasgur.")

A zillion Appalachian Trail thru-hikers, wannabes, outdoorsy folks, off-road bicyclists and a few normal people will gather for a fabulously good time.

Note: Please bring your own motel room. Thank you.

The fun has begun.

Click Here for the Official Trail Days Schedule

There's the regular festival stuff -- food, music, cuties, Trail gizmos and plenty of people to stare at (but don't, please).

Trail Days has irregular stuff too:

  • free gear repair services
  • hot meals served by churches
  • medical screenings
  • concerts and a
  • humongous town-wide yard sale.

Note to thru-hikers: Please don't abandon your "great deals" on the AT. Thank you.

The hiker parade is still planned for Saturday. Organizers hate to rain on anybody's parade, but "tossing" water balloons at beauty queens, antique and restored cars, children on bikes and/or the mayor ... as has been done in the past ... with ... shall we say "gusto" ... will no longer be allowed.

Squirt guns, however, are welcome -- if aimed at hikers. In fact, the town's beautification committee will thank you, as will everyone else downwind of the thru-hiders.

If you insist on throwing water balloons at someone, go to a nearby park and throw them at yourself. Thank you.

Trail Days 2013 in Damascus is simply going to be a blast.

Hope to see you there. I'll be the bearded guy in jeans, boots and a T-shirt. Make sure you say hello.

Click Here for Trail Days 2013

Click Here for a Quick Tour of Damascus

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