Trailfest 2013: Happy Trails in Hot Springs, NC

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Trailfest 2013 in Hot Springs, NC. ~~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

Hot Springs, North Carolina, is a very cool place.

No wonder it earned the honor of Appalachian Trail Community from the Appalachian Trail Conservancy.

This cozy burg in a verdant valley graces the banks of the French Broad River, not far from Lover's Leap.

Highways into town are made for motorcycling and the village itself is made for enjoying life.

During Trailfest 2013 it was chilly in the morning, just right in the afternoon, with hot times after dark. It was hot among the young people anyway. I mostly hid in my motel as rowdy dudes and frisky maidens partied nearby.

You see, I had Cheetos in my room. My fear was the hippie yoots would either storm my room and take my Cheetos away or they'd offer to make me their King, if I shared the Cheese of Life. Either way I figured it would be a net loss of Cheetos, so I kept to myself. And munched away happily alone. (Honest, Suzannah.)

Many towns along the Appalachian Trail have AT celebrations. Some are very big festivals, some are pretty big and a few are kinda small.

I love the them all, but if you want a dandy weekend away from home -- and your AT&T cell phone service -- nothing beats Hot Springs' Trailfest.

Hope I see you there next year.

Click Here for Friday at Trailfest 2013

Click Here for "Walking Off the War" in Hot Springs

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