Hot Springs, NC's Appalachian Trailfest ~ April 19-21, 2013

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Hot Springs, North Carolina

Hot Springs, North Carolina, is famous -- even more famous than when it was called "Warm Springs," until the name was changed in 1886.

The fame isn't merely due to the 100+ degree mineral water that made the area famous 200 years ago and is believed to have healing properties.

It's famous because the Appalachian Trail (AT) goes right through town and across the bridge that spans the French Broad River. (Too bad no one remembers her name.)

Mothers must love the annual Trailfest in Hot Springs. My guess is a mother came up with the marketing slogan: "Get outside!"

Trailfest 2013 will be celebrated over the weekend of April 19-21 and it's going to be a good time.

You're asked to get the heck outside and enjoy yourself. Doesn't matter if you use a bicycle, roller skates, bikes, rafts, canoes, skateboards or a pogo stick. Get outside or we're going to tell your mother.

Trailfest gets underway on Friday evening with a dandy and ever-so-cheap spaghetti dinner.

Outdoor fun is planned all day Saturday, after a deelish pancake breakfast, thank you.

I'm looking forward to the mayor's welcome for the Warrior Hikers from Walk off the War at 3:45 PM, right before the Trailfest Parade on Bridge Street at 4. That'll give us time to grab a bite to eat before the Duck Race on Spring Creek -- with live music before during and after.

Some people will never have this much fun. You owe it to them to come and have a good time. Really. You do.

Here's a bit more of the free stuff offered on Saturday:

  • FREE Nature Crafts at Hot Springs Community Learning Center
  • FREE Face Painting
  • FREE Bike Decoration Station
  • FREE Bike Tune-Up Station
  • FREE Gear Repair by Allen Morton

Sunday's plans include what the town calls a "big, fat soccer game."

Free food will be sold!

  • burgers, hot dogs and other guy food
  • grilled veggies, wraps and other girl food

If the words "bake sale" make your mouth water, you'll want to stop by the Hot Springs Community Learning Center and stock up on their goodies. For the rest of us, there has to be someplace in town that sells Cheetos and Diet Dr Pepper.

Experts on Hand

  • AT Conservancy
  • Carolina Mountain Club
  • Hot Springs Mountain Club
  • Madison County Parks & Recreation
  • Madison County Health Department and
  • Riverlink.

Hot Springs is such a pretty place that you'd have a wonderful time even if you just came to go tubing and listen to the music. Besides, think of all the folks you can impress when you tell them you hiked the entire length of the Appalachian Trail (on the bridge into town).

See you there.

Click Here for the Hot Springs Trailfest Schedule

Click Here for Info on Hot Springs, NC

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