Dahlonega Trail Fest 2013

Dahlonega 2013

In my humble opinion, the 2013 Dahlonega Trail Fest (Friday, March 22nd -- Sunday, March 24th) is the best planned and best promoted Appalachian Trail (AT) festival ever. Probably.

Skeptical? Click Here for the Trail Fest Schedule

Updates from the Dahlonega Trail Fest's Facebook page [click here] have been frequent and helpful, without coming anywhere near the level of annoying spam.

This example from March 19th is what I mean:

"It's finally official. The Trail Fest Wine and Beer Garden will feature Tiger Mountain Vineyards wines and Sweetwater Brewing beers. Next door to the Grub Tent in front of Hancock Park. Friday from 4:00-8:00, Saturday from 11:00-6:30, and Sunday from 12:30-3:00."

The Dahlonega Trail Fest website lists the many workshops that will be available for free. Among them:

  • Ten ways to lighten your backpack
  • Nutrition
  • Philosophy & Tips for a successful thru-hike
  • Thru-hiker panel
  • AT History presented by our pal Julie Judkins of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy.
Julie Judkins from Appalachian Trail Conservancy- (photo: Robert Sutherland)

The Mighty Julie Judkins from the Appalachian Trail Conservancy ~~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

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The Appalachian Trail is alive and well, thank you. I'll spare you the "it's more than a path, it's a ..." jargon. However ....

The AT is the pathway to and the culmination of dreams of an entire subculture. Thru-hikers aren't afraid to go outside if there's a chance of rain. People who camp in the woods aren't afraid of things that go "hooty-hoot" at night or having to pee behind a tree.

The Appalachian Trail starts near Dahlonega at Springer Mountain. Come and honor the heroes and heroines of the Trail this weekend, March 22-24, 2013 at Trail Fest in Dahlonega, Georgia.

Yes. There is a slight chance of rain showers. There is a far greater chance that you'll have a fabulous time getting to know people who actually live their lives and go outdoors ... instead of watching other people's lives on television.

Pop a coat in the car. Grab an umbrella. Wear a hat. Besides, when was the last time weatherpeople got a forecast of anything right?

We are a professional writer. Therefore, we would never call anyone names -- such as weenie, wimp or sissy -- simply because they are too skeered to join the festivities being held OUTDOORS where it rains at times. We will, however, say that everyone who does attend this unique festival will be glad that weenies, wimps, sissies and other cowards who choose to live their lives indoors will not spoil our time celebrating the national treasure that is the Appalachian Trail.

Can I get an "Amen!"

See you there.

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