Appalachian Mountain Club's Summit


No, the AMC Summit will not be held at the headquarters of the Appalachian Mountain Club on Beacon Hill's Joy Street, shown here. ~~ Photograph by Robert "I like this picture anyway." Sutherland

There's still room for you and a few of your friends at the Appalachian Mountain Club's 137th Annual Summit (a.k.a. Annual Meeting) to be held on Saturday, January 26, 2013.

The final day for online registration is Tuesday, January 15th, so don't burn any daylight and/or dawdle.

If you have a heart for all things outdoors in New England and beyond, the Summit is the place to learn, dream and focus your goals and energy.

The gathering will take place at the Four Points Sheraton in Norwood, Massachusetts (formerly part of Dedham, the "mother of towns").

Even a quick glance at the schedule will convince you AMC is packing a week's worth of content into one day. Wear comfortable shoes, carry water and stoke up your best attitude to soak it all in.

This very busy day begins at 8 AM. The next ten hours offer you many choices:

  • AMC's 137th Annual Business Meeting
  • 45th anniversary celebration of AMC's Youth Opportunities Program
  • At least five club-wide committee meetings
  • Club-wide volunteer awards
  • Engaging workshops (I counted 15 interesting topics)
  • Delightful times with old and new friends

Presuming you're still rocking after sunset (and you have pre-registered), stay for dinner with keynote speaker, Audrey Peterman, president and co-founder of Earthwise Productions.

Audrey Peterman -- a national-award-winning environmentalist -- imbues wisdom for motivating people of color to reconnect with the outdoors. Audrey and her husband, Frank, have helped millions of people become aware of the relevance of the National Park System and how it can positively affect their lives.


Registration closes on Tuesday, January 15, 2013. If you miss the deadline, call Cindy Martell at 617-391-6603. Cindy is nice. She'll help you if she can. (No, it won't help you if you say you know me. Sorry.)

Or e-mail

Click Here for AMC's Annual Summit Website

Click Here for a Tour of Appalachian Trail Club's Headquarters

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