2013 First Day Hikes

1st day hikesThere's a new kind of celebration for New Year's Day 2013 -- First Day Hikes.

America's State Parks says all 50 state park systems will sponsor guided First Day Hike programs.

First Day Hikes offer individuals and groups a terrific way to get the New Year off on the right foot: hiking at state parks in all 50 states. According to our latest count, more than 650 First Day Hikes are planned nationwide.

Grab your hiking shoes, dress in layers, bribe a friend to go with you and head for your nearest state park.

Don't think of it as exercise.

Hiking is more like life insurance because -- compared to snacking in your barcalounger while watching 50-year-old I Love Lucy episodes that you memorized as a child -- being active is the best way to stay active.

(Yes, that *does* make sense. You just have to read it a few times, that's all.)

Unplug and go outside. Not only will it not kill you, it might keep you alive longer.

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First Day Hikes offer a great way to get outside, exercise, enjoy nature and welcome the New Year with friends and family at parks in all 50 states.

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