Thundering Falls Boardwalk on Appalachian Trail Reopens

Published Nov 20, 2012

August of 2011 brought devastation to portions of Vermont, among other locales brutalized by Hurricane Irene. Some areas had flood waters 25 feet above normal.

Homes, businesses, buildings and a seemingly insignificant boardwalk used by Appalachian Trail hikers were washed away.

There are many stories of valiant heroes who sacrificed themselves to help others, as is often the case when neighbors and strangers respond to the needs of others. That's a big part of what makes America great.

We want to offer our gratitude to the volunteers and members of the Green Mountain Club's Ottauquechee Section and the Long Trail Patrol special projects crew.

They recently completed their restoration of the Thundering Falls boardwalk -- a wheelchair-accessible pathway on the Appalachian Trail near Killington, Vermont. The boardwalk was ravaged by Irene. Green Mountain Club volunteers from the club's Ottauquechee Section reblazed the Appalachian Trail that traverses the boardwalk.

In Vermont, the Forest Service manages both the Green Mountain National Forest and all the lands acquired by the National Park Service for the Appalachian Trail in the state of Vermont. Forest Supervisor for the Green Mountain and Finger Lakes National Forests Colleen Madrid was quoted as saying, "I cannot say enough about the work that the Green Mountain Club has done to help the Green Mountain National Forest recover from Tropical Storm Irene. This is a wonderful example, one of many, where an organization has partnered with the U.S. Forest Service to provide quality access to forest visitors of all abilities."

The boardwalk was originally constructed by the Green Mountain Club in 2008 to allow handicap access to Thundering Falls, the sixth highest waterfall in the state.

The Green Mountain Club has 10,000 members who protect and maintain more than 500 miles of trails in Vermont.

The Long Trail and the Appalachian Trail could not survive without their heroic contributions.


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Vermont's Green Mountain Club

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