MATC Awarded New Grant

Published Nov 7, 2012

Good things happen to good people who do good things for other good people.

We're happy to inform you that Maine Appalachian Trail Club (MATC) has been awarded another grant. MATC recently used $36,992 from a Quimby Family Foundation grant (see below) that benefited the Gulf Hagas Region in the Central Maine mountains.

The latest funding of $5,000 -- a Good Neighbor Grant from Poland Spring Water Company -- will be applied to MATC's Caretaker and Ridgerunner Education Programs, located at Horns Pond in the Bigelow Mountains and Piazza Rock near Saddleback.

The grant from Poland Spring grant enables MATC's ridgerunners and caretakers to teach Leave-No-Trace principles to those who hike the Appalachian Trail (AT). The money will also fund programs to deter vandalism, improve water quality and protect alpine plants on the AT.

In late October 2012, MATC gave an update on the use of the Quimby Family Foundation's grant of $36,992, which aided Gulf Hagas (a.k.a. the Grand Canyon of the East) and the trails along what's commonly called the "100-Mile Wilderness" in Maine. MATC fulfilled the goals of using the donation for wilderness education, trail work and volunteerism. Three trails -- Gulf Hagas Rim Trail, Chairback Mountain and Chairback Gap -- were reconstructed by volunteers who gave in excess of 2,000 hours of labor to complete the project.

We commend MATC for its vision and leadership, and for inspiring so many groups and individuals to work together to preserve and protect the Appalachian Trail.

The Maine Appalachian Trail Club manages and maintains 267 miles of the Appalachian Trail in Maine. Founded in 1935, MATC is an all-volunteer, donor-supported nonprofit that welcomes new members and inspires respect for this natural treasure.

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