Camper Found Dead Near Appalachian Trail

Published Oct 22, 2012

State Police in Jonestown say a body was found by a hunter on Thursday, October 18, 2012, in Union Township, PA. The remains were found in a green tent a quarter-mile off the Appalachian Trail about a half-mile southwest of the Route 72 and Route 443 intersection. Decomposition prevented an autopsy from providing a conclusive identification or cause of death; however, foul play is not suspected.

The deceased is believed to be a white male whose height is estimated at 5'6" - 5'9".

The tent and other personal belongings may have been purchased at a Bass Pro Shop. Two orange T-shirts were found at the scene, both with black lettering. One read "East Pennsboro Soccer" on the front and the number "1" with "JU-YA" on its back. The other T-shirt had a few numbers, a crescent moon and the phrase "Swinging Thru The Night" on the front.

If you have any information about this person's identity, please call the State Police in Jonestown at 717-865-2194.

We extend our condolences to this person's family and loved ones.

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