Cheshire, Massachusetts Grins

Forget Wheaties. The breakfast of champion Appalachian thru-hikers in Cheshire, Massachusetts is a chocolate doughnut ... or three.

"Roboticus" a.k.a. Emilyn "Sure, I'll have a chocolate doughnut!" Fox -- (Photo: Robert Sutherland)

That's what I learned the other day where I baited a trap with cold water, chocolate doughnuts and ice cream in order to catch a few smiles on the faces of AT thru-hikers migrating northward.

I know what you're thinking. "Wascally wabbit!"

Who's the man who made Roboticus smile? And caught it on camera -- with a glob of chocolate smeared on a front tooth? Oh, yeah.

Come along with me to Cheshire, Massachusetts ... the home of grins and heroes.

I might even treat you to an ice cream cone from Diane's Twist ... if you smile for my camera.

Click Here for Cheshire, Massachusetts Grins

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