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Published Jul 20, 2012

Once again, we have good news for the Appalachian Trail community ... and we have bad news for the Appalachian Trail community.

First for the good news: The SummerFest in Monson, Maine begins Friday, July 20th. It's going to be a fabulous time ... but try not to wander into the 100-Mile Wilderness, OK? If you do, you'll quickly understand why they don't call it the Joyful Jaunt in the Enchanted Forest. Click Here for Monson's SummerFest

We have an updated story on the Appalachian Trail hiker who was cruelly attacked in Gettysburg, PA, on July 12, 2012. Click Here for News of the Hiker Attacked in Gettysburg

One of the AT Trailhead parking areas in North Georgia will close temporarily, as will a nearby scenic overlook. Click Here for Woody Gap Trailhead's Closure

Two more Appalachian Trail Communities have been honored by the Appalachian Trail Conservancy:

Last, but least, we expose the naked truth about Harry the Cheeky Hiker. Click Here for a Look at Harry the Lewd Nude Hiker

Here's hoping you don't make the news next month. But, if you do ... try to make it good news, please.

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