Crude Nude Lewd Dude on Appalachian Trail

A man aptly named "Harry" has been arrested for hiking the Appalachian Trail nude on July 10, 2012.

This is supposed to be a joke, people.

The naked truth includes these details:

o Harry J. Rohrman of Lehigh Township

o faces two counts each of indecent exposure & open lewdness

o District Judge Robert Hawke approved $20,000 bail

o Harry is in prison, in lieu of raising bail money

Harry the Cheeky Hiker was also seen on the Appalachian Trail near Blue Mountain's Lehigh Gap last August 10th, by the same lucky man: Trevor Jones. Jones is the manager of a nearby restoration project.

When Harry was confronted, he reportedly cracked that hiking in the nude was the "only way" to hike the AT.

One must wonder how he copes with bug bites and/or poison ivy.

Reports indicate that Harry the Nude Dude wore sneakers. Although many hikers wear sneakers on the AT, it is relatively rare for them to wear only sneakers.

Harry the Flash also carried a cellphone -- but, thankfully, we don't know how or where.

Harry admitted to police that he hiked the trail naked. Police were in no mood for Harry the Lewd Dude and promptly charged him with the crimes of indecency.

(No, it does not matter that he would be honored on the local news for walking around naked in San Francisco.)

Police urge hikers to choose wisely when they want to feel the sun on their cheeks.

There will be no further updates on this tail ... we mean, tale.

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