Radio Tower Dispute on Appalachian Trail

Published Jul 12, 2012

Berks County and Hamburg, PA, are seeking to improve county communications by building at least one radio tower in Albany Township.

The land upon which one proposed tower will be built was donated by Henry C. and Clara Kawecki. Their generous gift of more than 300 acres of land came with stipulations written into the deed, evidently.

Two of those stipulations are the focus of a legal dispute between the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, and Berks County and Hamburg, PA.

Lawyers representing the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) state the deed has two crucial restrictions:

  1. The land must be kept in its natural state.
  2. No structure may be built on the land, except for Appalachian Trail shelters.

ATC attorneys say the deed precludes the building of any radio towers on the land. The ATC is only opposed to the one tower site, not the entire project, and the objection is limited to the violation of the deed's restrictions.

Berks County commissioners believe the ATC should be glad the towers are being considered because they will help hikers.

The county has plans to spend $42 million to upgrade its emergency services, including communications. Funds for building 20 towers are part of the project.

The disputed tower is scheduled to be built near the Appalachian Trail's Pulpit Rock.

A hearing on the matter is scheduled to be heard in Berks County Court later this month.

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