Hanover, New Hampshire, Honored by Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail Conservancy does so much to maintain, promote and protect the AT, but they cannot do it alone.

That's why they came up with the Appalachian Trail Community(TM) program -- which recognizes communities that also promote and protect the AT.

Hanover, New Hampshire, is one of the select communities that richly deserves the honor of Appalachian Trail Community(TM).

Our friends in Hanover are well known for the encouragement and care shown to Appalachian Trail hikers of all ages.

The Appalachian Trail runs down Hanover's Main Street -- a claim that fewer than a dozen localities can make. Hanover is a town of approximately 10,000 on the NH side of the Connecticut River in the Upper Valley area. The town's 250th birthday was proudly celebrated in 2011.

Hanover -- home to Dartmouth College, an Ivy League university founded in 1769 -- is the first town that southbound hikers pass through on their journey -- and the last for northbounders. Some trails in the extensive trail network created by the Dartmouth Outing Club in the early 20th century became the AT in the Upper Valley in 1929.

The DOC maintains 75 miles of the AT between Woodstock, Vermont and Woodstock, NH. Hanover is also home to the Hanover Area Friends of the AT. The Friends group was created in 2009 to assure that Hanover fully welcomes and serves AT hikers, and that residents and guests understand and appreciate the national treasure that passes through town.

Cheers to Hanover, New Hampshire!

Click Here for AT Community Hanover, NH

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