Vogel State Park -- One of Georgia's Jewels

Hopefully, you have a few Happy Places where you can hide, hang out or simply get happy.

The Golden Gate Bridge is wonderful, but it's a long walk from the Appalachian Trail.

The Lincoln Memorial is blissful for some, but parking is horrendous.

Niagara Falls is spectacular, but you have to keep an eye on the kids -- and your spouse, if things aren't going all that well.

That makes Vogel State Park in Northeast Georgia's mountains (yes, mountains -- deal with it) the most perfect Happy Place this side of the Eiffel Tower.

Take a minute for a quick tour. Then book a cabin or a campsite at your newest Happy Place.

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Vogel State Park in the beautiful foothills of North Georgia is everything a park should be. Camp in a tent or a cabin, hike or read. But visit Vogel soon.

Georgia's Vogel State Park has a perfect mountain lake, the Appalachian Trail on Blood Mountain nearby, lakeside cabins, tent and RV camping and relaxation.

I know. You're busy this weekend, right? You deserve to be at Vogel State Park's Mountain Music Festival (9-12-15). Just do what it takes to be there.

Get a million dollar's worth of delightful music for $5 in a heavenly setting at the 2016 Mountain Music Festival at Vogel State Park on September 10th.

Vogel State Park is a happy place in the mountains of North Georgia in the shadow of Blood Mountain and the Appalachian Trail with cabins and a lake.

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