Hiking Season Kickoff at the ATC

Appalachian Trail Conservancy celebrates Hiking Season Kickoff on Saturday, May 5, 2012, at its visitor center in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.

Northbound Appalachian Trail (AT) hikers begin to arrive in Harpers Ferry -- known as the psychological midway point of the trail -- in early May. Day-hikers and overnight hikers (whom thru-hikers sometimes call "fraidy cats") are also taking advantage of the warmer temperatures.

(No, I don't know why Harpers Ferry is called the "psychological" mid-point, but it would be fun to make up bogus reasons, wouldn't it? How about this: "If you don't push your annoying hiking companions off a cliff by now, you probably won't"?)

Lauralee "Blissful" Bliss completed an AT thru-hike, a section hike and is an avid day-hiker. She will blissfully give tips, tactics and advice for women hikers; including how to face mental, physical, and emotional challenges on the AT.

Folks from the ATC will give day-hike and backpacking suggestions, and provide maps and guides. There's no charge for Hiking Season Kickoff, but there are many valuable benefits:

  • Experienced hikers will give presentations on long distance hiking.
  • Kids can get cool AT tattoos. (Lighten up, the tattoos are temporary.)
  • Gear displays for day-hiking
  • Backpacking basics, including "the Ten Essentials"

Be sure to tell Julie we said hello.


Click Here for Hiking Season Kickoff Celebration Details

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