Trailfest in Hot Springs, NC -- April 20-22, 2012

The friendly citizens of Hot Springs, NC, want you to get outside during Trailfest 2012. The festivities begin on Friday, April 19th, with a deliciously slurpy and filling spaghetti dinner for less than you'd pay for a cup of goofy coffee in a big nasty city.

Hot Springs -- "The Only Real Trail Town in North Carolina" -- has the honor of having the famous Appalachian Trail go right through the main street in town. (Yes, walk across the bridge and you can tell people you have hiked the Appalachian Trail! No, they won't believe you. Trust me.)

Obviously, being "The Only Real Trail Town in North Carolina" is worth celebrating. The only question is ... are you wild enough to join them?

Take your pick from these activities for the entire family:

  • Bicycle parade
  • Hoola-hooping (cost of hip/neck/back surgery not included)
  • Family soccer
  • Float trips
  • More Appalachian Trail stuff than you can shake a hiking pole at
  • River rafting
  • Yoga (Really?)
  • 5K Run & Kids Bridge Race
  • Nature Craft Demos
  • Guided Hike to "Lovers Leap"

Please Note: Be sure to check "Round-Trip" when you sign up for the trip to Lovers Leap.

As of this publication date, we cannot confirm any rumors about the Miss French Broad River beauty contest.

Is there a better place to be than Hot Springs, NC, the weekend of April 20th? We think not.

Trailfest 2012 is hosted by Hot Springs Community Learning Center, a non profit organization serving children ages 3 - 12 years old with Preschool, Transitional Kindergarten, After School Program, out-of-school care, and holiday and Summer Camps.

To volunteer, please call 828-622-9575 or Click Here to E-Mail:

Click Here for Trailfest 2012 Information from

Click Here for Information on Hot Springs, NC: An Appalachian Trail Community

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