More Pix from Dahlonega GA's Trail Fest 2012

Dahlonega was selected by the Appalachian Trail Conservancy to be an official Appalachian Trail Community, due to its proximity to Springer Mountain, the southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail.

Smart move.

Dahlonega treats thru-hikers as honored guests in early spring every year ... and later on as SoBo (SouthBound) hikers finish the AT. was there to absorb some of the joy and zest (not to mention the food, music and people-watching) provided by the beautiful weather and beautiful people as Dahlonega celebrated their newest distinction.

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Take a stroll with us through Trail Fest 2012 in Dahlonega, one of America's coolest unknown towns.

Dahlonega's Trail Fest 2012 - (Photo: Robert Sutherland)

The Crimson Moon Belongs in Dahlonega - (Photo: Robert Sutherland)

Only the Burgers were Bigger than these Smiles - (Photo: Robert Sutherland)

Pete "Smokestack" Buak of the GA Appalachian Trail Club at Dahlonega's Trail Fest 2012 - (Photo: Robert Sutherland)

Len Foote Hike Inn's Wade Chandler (R) and Don Walling (L) at Trail Fest 2012 - (Photo: Robert Sutherland)

DNR's Judy Toppins (L) and Valencia Morris (R) at Dahlonega's Trail Fest 2012 - (Photo: Robert Sutherland)

The Joyous Julie Judkins - (Photo: Robert Sutherland)

Appalachian Long Distance Hikers Assoc. at Trail fest 2012 - (Photo: Robert Sutherland)

The Delightful Gene Espy at Dahlonega's Trail Fest 2012 - (Photo: Robert Sutherland)

Hike The Bartram Trail Too! - (Photo: Robert Sutherland)

Where the Adventure Begins - (Photo: Robert Sutherand)

See you next year at Trail Fest! - (Photo: Robert Sutherland)

The Other Way to Hike - (Photo: Robert Sutherland)

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