Turning 50 on the Appalachian Trail

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"Two women, friends who reunited after 35 years apart, plan to spend the next 6 months making up for lost time on the Appalachian Trail.

Denise Scales and Sue Twombley are both from Maine. Denise says the idea to hike from Georgia to Maine was all Sue's idea. They were friends as kids and recently found each other again over Facebook.

The two have been planning and training, getting ready for the anticipated 6 month, nearly 2,200 mile trek. Both women are approaching 50 years of age, in fact, Sue will celebrate her birthday on the trail. They plan to use this journey as a jumping point to start the next chapter of their lives.

The women are scheduled to begin their hike on February 29th on Springer Mountain in Georgia. They hope to reach the end of the Appalachian Trail - that's Mount Katahdin in Maine - on August 20th."

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