Audubon Magazine's "Two Months on the Appalachian Trail" thanks Audubon's Michele Wilson for permission to share this story from Audubon Magazine.

The author is Jesse Greenspan.

"My hike has barely started, and already I'm sweating profusely. I'm breathing heavily. My glasses are fogging up. My backpack weighs 48 pounds but seems heavier. A mosquito attacks me and I immediately regret my decision not to bring bug spray.

When I take out my binoculars to look at some barn swallows, my friend Josh, a nonbirder, teases me, asking whether there are any "yellow-throated South African quarry fowl" in the area.

Meanwhile, he cracks jokes about how we're almost out of water and that he may have to drink my blood."

Great writing!

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About the Author Robert Sutherland:
Robert Sutherland is a travel writer enjoying life. Robert has two adult daughters and six grandchildren.
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