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The Longest Hiking-Only Trail in the World

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2,200 Miles
165 Days to Hike
3 Million Annual Visitors
165,000 White Blazes
The Appalachian Trail (affectionately referred to as the AT) first opened as a continuous trail in 1937. It is marked by iconic white blazes (one about every 70 feet). The actual length changes from year to year as the trail shifts and detours are added or removed. Each year, thousands attempt to hike the entire trail. Of those that finish, it takes an average of 165 days. The AT was the first trail to be named a National Scenic Trail by the National Trails System Act in 1968. Rights of way and government ownership protect more than 99 percent of the trail. The AT is maintained by over 4,000 volunteers. Photo Credits


14 States
As the world's longest hiking only trail, the AT traverses most of the eastern US. The AT runs from Mount Katahdin in Maine to Springer Mountain in northern Georgia. Along the way, it crosses 14 states: Maine (287 mi), New Hampshire (161 mi), Vermont (150 mi), Massachusetts (91 mi), Connecticut (52 mi), New York (90 mi), New Jersey (73 mi), Pennsylvania (229 mi), Maryland (41 mi), West Virginia (18 mi), Virginia (554 mi), Tennessee (94 mi), North Carolina (96 mi), and Georgia (79 mi).


Tents Shelters Cabins Inns

While most hikers will need to cary a lightweight tent, hammock, or tarp, the AT is known for its over 250 free, first-come-first-served shelters. They generally provide three walls, a roof, food hangers, and a wooden floor, and they are placed near a water source and privy about a days hike apart. Most also provide campsites for tents in the case that the shelters are full. Other places to stay along the trail include full service lodges with meals during the summer, cabins in state parks, and local inns. Photo Credits

Thru-Hike Records

45 Days NoBo
Joe McConaughy
54 Days SoBo
Heather Anderson
45 Days SoBo Supported
Karl Meltzer
46 Days NoBo Supported
Scott Jurek

Separate records are tracked for self-supported hikers and supported hikers. Supported hikers receive help through a crew that helps transport food, equiment, etc. Joe McConaughy actually edged out the overall fastest with 45 days, 12 hours, and 15 minutes compared to Karl Meltzer's 45 days 22 hours 38 minutes. Dale "Grey Beard" Sanders is the oldest person to have logged a thru-hike at the age of 82.

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