Eureka Freedom Outfitter

Eureka Freedom OutfitterProduct Features Two-person tent designed for ultimate accessibility (6′ 6″ by 11′ 8″ floor; 44.4 square foot area)
Extra-large vestibule area allows recreational space or extra storage
Wheelchair accessible door, side entry doors/windows enable transfer of person to a cot
Self-supporting five-pole aluminum frame
Center height of 4′ 9″ inches; weighs 16 pounds, 8 ounces
Product Description An industry first, Freedom is the collaborative effort of Eureka! and BlueSky Designs, a design firm noted for its work in the biomedical and rehabilitation fields. In the Freedom, universal design, together with assistive technology, has provided people with disabilities a tent they can set up and use themselves, or offers their caretakers conveniences not found in other tents. Luxury tent styling also makes it an ideal tent for couples requiring extra storage space on extended trips.
Tent Weight 2 pounds
Tent Height 4 feet, 9 inches
Tent Length 6′ 6″
Tent Width 11′ 8″
Floor Area 6 feet, 6 inches by 11 feet, 8 inches
Sleeps # of People 2


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