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FBI Arrests Fugitive James Hammes (aka Bismarck) at Trail Days

FBI Wanted Poster of James Hammes

A fugitive from justice was arrested during Trail Days in Damascus, Virginia, on Saturday, May 16, 2015.  James Hammes — whose Trail name is Bismarck — had been on the run and/or the Appalachian Trail since February 24, 2009, when he was accused of bilking his employer, a Pepsi bottler in Lexington, Kentucky, out of $8.7 million […]

Reflections on Meredith Hope Emerson ~ Murder in Mayberry

Meredith Emerson and her dog Ella from May 2007 ~
Photo Courtesy of Pat B. Mitchell.

Seven years ago, we lost Meredith Hope Emerson along the Appalachian Trail in North Georgia. She will never be forgotten … because of the impact she made on so many of us and because of Right to Hike, Inc., that was created in her honor. Click Here for Right to Hike Thought I’d share a […]

Reflections on Meredith Hope Emerson ~ Seven Years Later

Meredith Emerson and her dog Ella from May 2007 ~
Photo Courtesy of Pat B. Mitchell.

Saw a friend’s post on Facebook on January 4, 2015 that mentioned that it had been seven years since Meredith Hope Emerson went missing on the Appalachian Trail near Georgia’s Blood Mountain. Wanted to share a seven-year-old reflection on that event, in honor of Meredith and Right to Hike, Inc. ~~ Have you heard about […]

5 Ways to Spot Dangerous People on the Appalachian Trail

"Dangerous Instincts" by Dr. Mary Ellen O'Toole

Some hikers believe they have a special sense when it comes to judging strangers.  They think they can tell the difference — somehow — between average people, unusual but safe strangers and dangerous people on or off the Appalachian Trail. While visiting Franconia Notch in New Hampshire’s White Mountain State Park, I saw a young lady […]