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5 Ways to Spot Dangerous People on the Appalachian Trail

"Dangerous Instincts" by Dr. Mary Ellen O'Toole

Some hikers believe they have a special sense when it comes to judging strangers.  They think they can tell the difference — somehow — between average people, unusual but safe strangers and dangerous people on or off the Appalachian Trail. While visiting Franconia Notch in New Hampshire’s White Mountain State Park, I saw a young lady […]

Hawk Rock in Pennsylvania Vandalized by Graffiti

The view from Hawk Rock near Duncannon, PA. ~ Photo from DuncannonATC,org

Hawk Rock is a popular spot with hikers for its natural beauty and for the scenic views.  Our friends with the Duncannon, PA, Appalachian Trail Committee say Hawk Rock has been hit, again, with graffiti. The rock itself is “an ugly mess plagued by layer upon layer of graffiti and the area directly below is […]

Alleged Crime on the Appalachian Trail in Caledonia State Park

Pennsylvania Department of Natural Resources

Poor communication can twist the facts of any message.  That appears to be happening with a story about an alleged crime on the Appalachian Trail. A hiker with a knife is accused of accosting another man as they separately hiked the Appalachian Trail. Clay Alan Davis, 52, of Mercer, Maine, was hiking on the Appalachian Trail […]

Nantahala Forest Ginseng Poacher Jailed

American Ginseng. Photograph courtesy of Wikipedia

Poaching ginseng roots in North Carolina’s Nantahala National Forest is illegal.  If you don’t believe it, ask Charles R. Nash, of Whittier, NC. Mr. Nash was sentenced by U.S. Magistrate Judge Dennis L. Howell to serve 10 days in jail for the illegal possession or harvesting of American ginseng from the Nantahala National Forest, according […]