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Appalachian Trail Institute in Hot Springs with Jennifer Pharr Davis

Laughing Heart Lodge Chapel  ~~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

Since 1989, hundreds of hopeful hikers from 29 states have attended Appalachian Trail Institutes (ATI), founded by the iconic master of the Trail, Warren Doyle.  In January of 2016, Jennifer Pharr Davis will teach her second ATI in Hot Springs, NC at Laughing Heart Lodge. Our pal Jennifer attended the Appalachian Trail Institute before her first thru-hike in 2005. […]

New York-New Jersey Trail Conference Member Clubs

New York-New Jersey Trail Conference

To country folks, New York and New Jersey are gang-infested, traffic-congested, tree-free places where people with funny accents equate hiking trails with Times Square or the Atlantic City Boardwalk.  That is (mostly) so untrue!  Our friends with the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference assure us there are more than 100 trail clubs manned and womanned by dedicated, friendly volunteers […]

Doctor Grumpy Says “Go to ATKO 2016!”

Gene Espy at ATKO 2014. Gene's gear reminds me of folks who say bumblebees should not be able to fly. ~~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

Thanksgiving — that wonderful time of year when we feel horrible about ourselves for not being thankful for our screwy families, cramped apartments, rainy days and bosses who would happily sell our kidneys if we fell asleep at work — means more than turkey dinners, mauling strangers at malls for TV sets and ugly sweaters. […]

Remains of Geraldine “Inchworm” Largay Found

Missing Appalachian Trail Hiker Gerry "Inchworm" Largay

After two years, two months and 24 days the search for Geraldine “Inchworm” Largay — the hiker who vanished from the Appalachian Trail in Maine — has reached a sad end.  The Maine Warden service says Gerry Largay’s remains have been found. Maine Warden Service Public Relations & Information Officer Corporal John MacDonald distributed this […]