Hemlock Hollow Inn: Appalachian Trail Hostel For Sale

Appalachian Trail Hostel For Sale: The Hemlock Hollow Inn

Appalachian Trail Hostel For Sale: The Hemlock Hollow Inn

Few phrases in the English language sound as romantic as “Appalachian Trail hostel for sale.”  Yes, “Marry me and live in my castle where we play checkers with giant diamonds” is close.

I know.  It’s a 24/7 job that requires the skills of a chef, plumber, booking agent, armed guard, housekeeper, bookkeeper, carpenter, emergency response technician, psychologist, podiatrist, waiter, maid, Appalachian Trail guru and gear Yoda.  Not to mention having instant recall when asked for the EXACT distance to every campsite, creek, shelter, beer joint, pizza parlor and post office.

Running your very own hostel still sounds cool … and probably way smarter than marrying that stranger when you were young, buying that car you had a feeling was going to fall apart and giving your best friend your passwords.

It’s insane for people to want to run a hostel on the Appalachian Trail.  Nobody wants to pick up, help out, keep quiet or pay.

But, if none of that matters, there is an Appalachian Trail hostel for sale: The Hemlock Hollow Inn located at ATC mile marker 288.1 in Greenville, Tennessee.

Here’s how the hostel is described on their website:

We are a Hiker Hostel in Greene County, TN, 1/2 mile from the Appalachian Trail and 1 1/2 mile North of Allen’s Gap.  Nestled among tall pines, hemlocks, maples & oaks next to gentle running Paint Creek on Bald Mountain.

We live with the rustic beauty of the Cherokee National Forest & the Great Smokey Mountains.  There is peace and serenity in our woods, and we are only a short distance to the historic sites in Greene County ~ Home of our 17th President, Andrew Johnson.

I spoke with the owner, Hattie Kinsey, and asked her why she wanted to sell her hostel.  She said, “My husband and I are in our 70s and we’re incapable of running it ourselves.”

Hattie used to hike.  Now she loves meeting people from all over the world and helping others hike the Appalachian Trail.

Inside Hemlock Hollow Inn

Inside Hemlock Hollow Inn

What’s for Sale with Hemlock Hollow Inn?

Here’s an incomplete and non-specific list of what is for sale.  (In other words, don’t sue me if this isn’t perfectly correct, OK?)

  • 2.73 acres on a bubbling, gurgling creek
  • 2 small cabins for couples
  • 2 large cabins that sleep 8-10
  • pavilion
  • country store & café
  • house to live in

Everything is for sale.  You buy tomorrow, you are in business tomorrow.

Yes, you can make a profit.

I’m not going to publish the exact price, but if you and 800 friends wanted to pool $1,000 each, you’d have a shot at owning your own hostel on the Appalachian Trail.

Unless you snooze.  Then you’ll lose a fabulous shot at living out your dreams of operating your own hostel on the Appalachian Trail.

Click here for the Hemlock Hollow Inn Hostel

  • Michael Webb
  • Callie Thornton

    wish I had 800 friends to pool together 1,000, I would so love to do this

  • myOWNcompass

    Someone ought to buy it and get her the hell out of there!

  • Matt Fields

    $5,500 month mortgage for 30 years and supported by hikers whom want everything for free.. Bit of a joke

  • Sharon Fletcher

    The property just across the road is for sale too! Almost 2 acres and a fabulous historical cabin that has been updated and would be a great retreat or rental right at the Appalachian Trail. Along with the roaring paint creek this property has a spring fed creek too! Very private and plenty of room to build another cabin or park some RV’s. This property is very affordable cabin ! Email sfletcherhomes@gmail.com for more information.

  • MaryAnne Sheffield

    I have looked and looked and can’t find any listings across the street from this